Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Rapesco Adjustable Diary Punch 66-P

I am preparing for when I receive my A5 Holborn Zip by getting the journaling pages ready to go.  I purchased this gorgeous journal here.  (Thanks to Gail for posting that great idea.) I also picked up this paper punch here, it's for personal diaries.

Originally, I was using my Crop-A-Dile to punch holes in papers that I wanted to add to my Filofaxes.  It worked really well, but it was tedious, one hole at a time. 

This Rapesco punch works really well.   I was able to punch about 10 papers at a time.  The only thing was that I had to punch one side for the A5 and then flip the papers over to punch the other side.  I used a post it note as a guide to line up the edge of the papers.

First, I ran an exacto knife along the edges of the journal to remove the paper.  These journals have really sturdy bindings.  I posted pics below so that you could see my progress as I prepared the paper, and also to get a good look at the punch. 


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