Saturday, September 15, 2012

My Domino Ultra Violet Mini Filofax

 I love the color, it's very purple-ly.  The size is very convenient for just jotting down ideas or thoughts that hit me at any given moment, or for jotting down notes or things I want to remember when the moment presents itself.  I keep it next to where I see when I'm relaxing on my laptop or watching the television.
 I made the dividers from scrapbook paper, you can see the different sections I labeled pretty clearly.
 I have the month on two pages in here just so that I can get a quick view of the date.  I found the mini pen in a small journal that I had been given as a gift. 
I like having this handy next to me so that I can keep a reminder on different things that I might see or hear. 

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

A Beautiful Match!

I found these beautiful sticky notes at Barnes & Noble book store.  I thought they'd match my Acqua Chameleon A5 beautifully!
Lots of sizes!
The product information if you're interested.
My Acqua A5.  It's true love!

How Do You Use Your Flex from Filofax

I love the color and the feel of this First Edition Slim Magenta Flex. It's in the personal size.

What do you keep inside your Flex?
So far all I've used this Flex for is for making notes and lists.
I would love to find out how you've been using yours, if you have one.
I've also written grocery lists and things to remember to do in it as well.
I've kept it in my purse for a time and now it sits on my end table in my living room.  Where do you keep yours?  And what kinds of things to write in it?
I would love to hear your ideas on how you use your Flex!

Saturday, September 1, 2012

I Love My Raspberry Chameleon Pocket FF As My Wallet

I've been using my Raspberry Chameleon Pocket Filofax as my wallet for a few weeks now and it's been working really well. So technically, I always have two FF's with me at all times, and sometimes three.   My Personal Ochre and my Personal Vintage Pink Maldens are usually with me or close by at all times.  I keep this one in my purse, obviously, because it's my wallet  The pen is special to me, it was gifted by a friend for my birthday, and isn't it sweet that it matches so beautifully! 

I love that this part of the pocket opens up, a nice place for cash or important receipts and such.
This front section holds some credit cards and my driver's license and opposite some jot pads for quick lists, measurements  or things to remember to buy.  Then I have two business card holders for more credit cards, library card, shopping club card, and gift cards.  It's nice having a place for all of that and it's easy to spot when I need them. 
Some jot pad notes that I keep with me, next time I'm at the post office I know what stamps I need to buy and there are measurements of some windows that I want to re-drape.  Love that those things are with me.
My sections contain ruled paper and I use them to keep master lists of what I buy at certain stores.  That way if I'm going I can look at the lists and see if I'm forgetting something.  I mostly buy the same things over and over again.  I know what we like so that makes it easy.  I love having a master list.
At the back I have a clear envelope for stashing receipts or notes or lists. 
Then comes the change pocket on the back.  I try to use my change whenever I can because it makes the FF somewhat bulky if I don't. 
Well there it is, using this pocket Chameleon this way has been very beneficial to my needs.  Hope you liked this post!

Watch the video below that inspired me to want to get the Pocket Chameleon!  Thanks again judithenbart