Sunday, August 10, 2014

Knitting Binder Using My A5 Kikki K Lilac Binder

My goal is to be using all of my planner binders for something or other,  So, with that goal in mind I've been expanding my "Planner Idea List" here.

I decided to take my new Kikki K Lilac A5 Binder and make it into my kniting/crochet Planner.

First up, I chose my index titles that would suit me best, after downloading some free domain knit and crochet photos.  I had those photos developed and then made my indexes using cardstock, the photos and my laminator.

Second, I cut out tabs using a punch that I have.  Then I made labels using a label maker

Last, but not least, I filled it. Yay, the fun part!

In the front pockets I stuffed some information cards, Avery reinforcement labels and some papers I wanted to add later.
The first section is for "Reference" items, ie, stitch explanations, metric conversion, yarn weights, etc... I also placed a small bit of sticky's in case I might need them.
Next up, the "In Process" section.  I put some Filofax Pocket pages here to house the patterns of items I'm currently working on.
"Project Cue" is next, this is where I'm putting my priority list of projects to make and yarn I want to use.
 "Inventory"is next, this is where I'll keep track of the tools I own and the yarn I have in my stash.  I use a lot of circular needles and don't need any duplicates.

 "Completed" will house photos of completed projects, with notes on the pattern, the yarn, what I might do next time if I choose to make that particular piece again.  Plus, I would like to keep the washing instructions, a sample strand, color name and where purchased histories of the yarns I've used.  This section will be more like a scrapbook.

I'm using a business card holder to hold some yarn and the yarn info.
 The "Notes & Ideas" section is for just that notes & ideas.
The last section is called "Classes".  This section will house information on various internet classes that I've taken or am taking and the notes associated with that.

I cut up a Jill Bliss tablet and punched holes so that I could use tbe paper in my planners.  HERE
All done, I'm very excited to give this Knitting planner a go. I would appreciate your comments, especially if you keep a binder like this too for knitting or crochet.

COMING SOON, the unveiling of a "Library" planner with sections like an alpha of my personal digital and physical library books collection, TBR, Have Read, book reviews, favorite quotes, etc... I've decided to use another A5 (probably my Chocolate Aston).


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Thursday, July 17, 2014

Using My A5 Red Domino Organizer as My "Filing Cabinet"

I got this idea from YouTube, a video by Jordan Powers.  I'm not sure if this originated with her or elsewhere, but I think it's brilliant none-the-less.  Below is the name of the video if you search on YouTube for it, you'll find it, the title is below.  I decided to make my A5 Red Domino into my "filing cabinet".  Now I keep all the notes, sticky notes, letters, flyers and other papers that I don't want to throw away in it.  It clears out room in my currently used planners, not to mention my countertops.  Great Solution!

 This is the name of the video: 

"Using A-Z Tabs as a Filing Cabinet in my Filofax Malden"

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Living in My A5 Purple Malden

Enjoying a rare sunny day outside in the Northern Midwest (Chicago).
With a new devotional I recently received and am enjoying.
I had to have the Malden Accessories pouch (along with some other Malden pieces, that I'll show later), I paid an absolutely embarrassing amount to have it shipped here from the UK.  Oh well, it's just money.  Gulp!
Added a bejeweled monogram charm to make it more personal.  Very shiny!
I'm recently realizing that this A5 Malden (for me) is just too large and weighty for me to cart around all the time.  Even though I'd love to take it everywhere. So I decided to purchase a small and light weight Monthly purse calendar from Office Max that I can carry with me to jot down any new things that come up when I'm out and about.  Afterward I can add them to my A5 and keep it up to date. 

I made sure I updated both calendars with each other.
It won't take anything to carry this little monthly planner around with me.  I'm hoping that this idea will work nicely.

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Organizing My Pens In One Place

I recently found a way to keep my vast pen collection organized and locatable.  I purchased these Zip Closure Sheet Protectors from Staples.  Just FYI, I paid $3.99 and received a 15% discount at the store.  I love having all my favorite pens handy and available, now that they are all together in one place.  I like to use color coding in my planner and these make it easy and doable.