Monday, December 31, 2012

Some Fun New Accessories from Amazon and The Container Store

Using some Amazon Christmas gift cards I purchased some fun accessories from Amazon and The Container Store that I'm totally excited about!!!  Here they are:
Cavallini Sticky Notes Office Cavallini Sticky Notes Office
Sticky Note Organizer Sticky Note Organizer
Bundle Monster Adhesive Creative Scrapbooking Craft Plaid Polka Dot Decorative Décor Fabric Tape Mixed Lot - Set 2 Washi Tape Bundle
Cavallini Sticky Notes Birds Cavallini Sticky Notes Birds
Semikolon Sticky Tab Markers, Assorted Colors (5100002) SemiKolon Sticky Tabs

I'm already imagining how colorful and artful my Filo will be at the end of the year.  January 4th (delivery day) will be a happy day!  And I purchased this valet item to use as a portable desk from The Container Store to store all the accessories in.  Bristol 3-Section Valet Box

I'm going to be so organized in 2013! 

I am figuring if I post this with the reasons for my buying these items I'll remember why I bought them, because sometimes I forget. 

Sunday, December 30, 2012

Raspberry Chameleon in Pocket Size

This isn't a new video.  I posted it last July on YouTube when I first received this Filofax.  I'm just posting it on my blog so that it's here.  I'm still using this as my wallet and it's working out very well.

Filofax Photo a Day Challenge

I got this from Car's Blog (the originator) and thought it would be fun to do.  Starting January 1st 2013.  I posted it on my blog so that I could have easy access and to spread the news.  Go to the link and find out the details.

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Change Of Mind!

I couldn't resist the 50% sale.  I ordered a Chocolate Aston in A5!  Looking forward to its arrival.  I ordered it from Filofax, so I know I'll get it soon.  I think I'll use it as my main organizer, (*stay at home).  We'll see.  I'll be looking around to see how others are using it.

UPDATE:  I received the Aston soon after ordering it.  I'm very happy with it.  I'm waiting for something I ordered to put in it.  I'll show you when I get it set up.

Sunday, December 23, 2012

2013 New Year with My A5 Stay at Home Planner

I'm excited to start the new year with my A5 Chameleon.  I've owned it since the summer and had set it up (see earlier post), but to my chagrin, I never really felt at home with it.  I am planning on revamping it a bit so that I can depend on it on a daily basis.  Some of the ideas swimming around my head that I want to include in it are as follows:  (this is me thinking out loud)

 1.  My New Year's Resolutions
 2.  Classes I've taken and their particulars
 3.  Reading list
 4.  Supper Menus and shopping list
 5.  Quotes and things I want to remember
 6.  House cleaning schedule
 7.  Short term and long term goals
 8.  Week at a glance with Notes calendar
 9.  Jan - Dec, monthly to do section
10. Christmas Card List

Mainly, I want to focus on the Supper Menus and the to do sections most of all.  I feel that I would be using those sections daily.   The other sections would be used more on an irregular basis, but still are important to me. 
Here are my Domini Mini that I use for TV notes, my red personal Cuban that I'm using for my prayer journal and study notes and then my A5 Chameleon that I'm hoping to get used to using everyday in the new year.