Thursday, August 23, 2012

I'm Very Steamed!!!!!

.....Where O where is my Holborn today, 

O Where O where could it be.....!!!!! 

I ordered it over two weeks ago,

O where O where could it beeeeeeeeeeeee?!!!!!!!


(to the music of Where Could My Little Dog Be)


  1. 2 weeks!!! Oh my word, I would be panicking and hyperventilating by now!!!

  2. It's been hard, but I'm trying to exercise "self-control". I'm really mad!

  3. Where did you order it from?


    1. Hi Steve, I ordered it from Pens & Leather. I have to say that they have been in touch with me all along and offered me free inserts for my trouble, BUT, I still don't have the darn thing! They shipped me someone else's and that someone else got my Holborn. They told me that that someone else shipped it last saturday. That's what I did too, I shipped hers last saturday. She got it on Monday. Then I found out that she didn't ship it on saturday. In fact, all the emails about it went to her spam mail. So someone from P&L had to call her and tell her to ship it to me. I've been waiting two days now for the tracking numbers.