Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Living in My A5 Purple Malden

Enjoying a rare sunny day outside in the Northern Midwest (Chicago).
With a new devotional I recently received and am enjoying.
I had to have the Malden Accessories pouch (along with some other Malden pieces, that I'll show later), I paid an absolutely embarrassing amount to have it shipped here from the UK.  Oh well, it's just money.  Gulp!
Added a bejeweled monogram charm to make it more personal.  Very shiny!
I'm recently realizing that this A5 Malden (for me) is just too large and weighty for me to cart around all the time.  Even though I'd love to take it everywhere. So I decided to purchase a small and light weight Monthly purse calendar from Office Max that I can carry with me to jot down any new things that come up when I'm out and about.  Afterward I can add them to my A5 and keep it up to date. 

I made sure I updated both calendars with each other.
It won't take anything to carry this little monthly planner around with me.  I'm hoping that this idea will work nicely.