Tuesday, January 15, 2013

My Organizer flickr home

1 front coverClose-up Day 9Favorite - my organizer tool boxorganizer tool box - open7 reminders6 pocket
Homemade Scrapbook Card Stock Tabsanother angleI couldn't Pick just oneDSCN04502 from the backDay 10 On Top
DSCN0413Day 12 List 113 DashboardDay 14 OpenDay 15 GreenDay 15 Green 2
organizer love, a set on Flickr.
Just FYI: If you're interested in seeing some pics of my organizers. Check them out here.  These are the result of Car's challenge.  Originally posted here.

Monday, January 14, 2013

How I'm Using 7 Filo's and 1 Planner Pad

Pocket Raspberry Chameleon - as my wallet
Personal Red Cuban - as my Prayer/Quiet time journal
A5 Aqua Chameleon - home organizer, diary, keeping track of personal interests, cleaning schedule, books I'm reading or have read, menu planner, creative to-do's, holidays, New Year's Resolutions and yearly goals
Fuschia Planner Pad - appointments, schedules, daily and weekly goals, info on community activities, and grocery lists (on sticky notes)
Personal Vintage Pink Malden - Food Journal, Exercise log and Health Record
Mini Ultra Violet Domino - to keep near me while watching TV or surfing the web to jot down notes and quotes and things I want to remember.
A5 Burgundy Holborn Zip - I have a thin Bible that fits in it and pretty note paper for taking notes at church.
Pocket Orchid Aston - as a capture device for the others, this one I keep in my purse

Aston, Organizers
*Most of the pens are from Vera Bradley.  I love their pens!  And I can always find one to match.

A PERFECT CALENDAR FOR ME *warning: heavy photo load

Before I happened upon the Filofax Organizer, I had used many other types of organizers.  One that I kept going back to was the Planner Pads.   Using the FF calendars for about 6 months or so, I began to really miss the Planner Pad calender layout.  I realized it had everything I wanted in it. Plus the paper is really, really nice.  The format is week on two pages.

I had to purchase a binder because the papers (unfortunately) are about 1-1/2 inches wider than my A5 can handle.  Too bad!  As you go through the calendar, the first page that you see is a 3 year "at-a-glance" calendar, 2013, 2014, and 2015.  I made a plastic cover leaf for this, it didn't come with one.  I really like having the plastic leaf in the front.
Then the next few pages offers you a year-at-a-glance for three years, 2013, 2014 and 2015.  I love that!
The page after these is a 3 year holidays list.  Pretty cool!
Then  comes the first index page (purchased seperately).  The indexes are Jan - Dec, and each side is set apart for "notes", I like that too! Alot!
The best part is that each WOTP begins with a month-at-a-glance page.  I totally love that!  I miss it, when I don't have it.  Super cool!
The Martha Stewart sticky note fits in the binder.

Then comes the WOTP.  Planner Pads has a whole science on how to use this calendar.  Click here to see how it is supposed to work.  I've tried it and I never really devoted myself to it.  I use it in my own way.  I love having three different sections for each day.  One section includes the time slots, from 7AM until 8PM.
PP sells a calendar bookmark, I made one instead.

Uninterrupted view.
The last page of every month is a "notes" page, except for December's which  they give you the following January's month-at-a-glance page.
"Notes" at the end of each month and on the index card.

Last page of December and 14 pages of extras in a gold color.

14 pages (fronts & backs) of goals, projects or whatever you want to record there.
I went with the inexpensive binder.  It's vinyl, but feels soft and supple like leather.  I love that I could get it in fuschia.  Delivery was pretty quick, about a week & a half.  It was over New Year's weekend when I ordered it. They carry looseleaf (which is what this is) and bound calendars.

Currently,  the PP is a "before the day begins" calendar and my FF Chameleon A5 is an "after the day ends" journal calendar.  I've been using both since the year started and I'm feeling really comfortable with them both.

I guess I've always kind of been an organizer junkie for years!

*If you noticed all the holes punched funky, it's because I originally planned to put this calendar in my A5 Aston, and then decided I didn't want the pages sticking out after all.

Coming Soon  "My A5 Chameleon 2013 Set-up"

Monday, January 7, 2013

Update Of Organizer Extras Box

That's my puppy "Oscar" watching my every move.
I recently purchased online this Bristol 3-section Valet Box from the Container Store to keep my organizer accessories in.  I received it today.  The box has a nice quality feel to it and the 3 sections inside are very convenient for storing my organizer extras.  The outside has a nice linen-y fabric look to it.  It's just light enough to carry from room to room, depending on where I feel like doing my organizer updates and such.  I'm very happy with it.  It also looks nice sitting on my end table with my A5 Chameleon on top of it.  All contained looking nice and neat and perfectly ready to use.

The post where I first mentioned this box can be found here.

Saturday, January 5, 2013

My Favorite Filofax! If I had to choose...

If I had to choose just one of my Filofaxes to keep, I'm pretty sure I would choose this A5 Chameleon.  Generally, the A5 doesn't leave the house, I have my iCal for that.  I usually carry this beauty around the house with me from room to room, wherever I settle down. When I think of something that needs to be put in it, it's nearby for a quick jot. 

I love how it feels and I love all the different indexes and papers inside.  I seem to find myself fine-tuning it on a regular basis.  It's nice to have a one-stop place for my life's answers, telephone numbers, business cards, dates to remember, menus lists, book lists, to-do's, goals, resolutions, etc...it all fits in there.  Lots of room to write and keep lists. 

I feel better having lots of space to jot a thought down or an idea down for safe keeping and future pondering.  My A5 Chameleon helps me do that in a fun and exciting way. 

I DO wish that Filofax would use better quality paper in their calendars.  I will probably find something more durable next year. 

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

It's New to Me! Planner Insert by Martha Stewart

I picked this (Planner Insert) by Avery/Martha Stewart up at Staples today.  It came in two different color schemes, all pastels.  I picked up one of each.  I was very pleased to find out that it fits beautifully in my A5 Chameleon.  The top is supposed to be like a tab, which is of no use in the A5.  I know where it is, so I don't think that I'll miss that feature.  It'll be nice to have sticky notes and sticky tabs when I'm out and about.  Nice tool!

Here's how it looks in the A5:
 This is how it fits in my Personal Malden:
You can't see the insert when it is in the A5 when it is closed.  The following photo shows how far it sticks out of the Personal FF.