Monday, July 11, 2016

A5 Pear Saffiano as My #TrimHealthyMama Organizer

I'm using this Pear Saffiano #Filofax in A5 as my Trim Healthy Mama #Organizer.  I just recently purchased this off of Amazon for a pretty good price.  I also purchased the calendars for it too, I got the MO2P, WO1P w/notes, and I'm using the vertical WO2P that it came with.  I also purchased this #PilotMRRetroPopCollection gel pen in purple to go with it.  Since Monday, May 16th of this year I've been tracking "me" on the program.  It's been working really well.  I can see my successes and my failures as I go.

 Love these colors together. 
 Inside pocket and dashboard.
 Week on 1 page with notes, I track my exercise, reminders, failures and successes.
Week on 2 pages *(vertical) I track what I eat and the time so I can stay within the 3 to 4 hour eating time. 
This is a "notes" section that I track the recipes I want to try from the THM cookbook and the ones that my family and I have enjoyed, strictly from the cookbook. 
Another section I keep recipes I've concocted and liked or want to try and recipes I've gotten from outside sources. 
In the back I keep the pocket page for keeping my success/fail stickers which I place on a completed day deciphering if it was a successful or failed day.  This way I can look at any week at a glance and see if it was a good week or if I need to focus and try harder. I found some stickers at the Dollar Store and here's the link to the other Behavior Stickers.