Monday, February 4, 2013

A5 Holborn Zip - As My Church Going Companion

This is it - my Holborn Zip...I'm using it as my Bible case for church...I just recently started using it...
I purchased the world map from FF,  nice to have on hand...

I purchased this journal for note taking from Amazon here:  <> (copy & paste link)
I sliced the spine of the journal and punched the appropriate holes in it...
Then after taking some measurements I purchased this Thinline Bible from Amazon here:  <> (copy & paste link)
The Bible tucks in nicely in the back of the binder..I take it out when I want to use it... 
Side view of how it all fits together...
I love using this because there are places for everything, pens, highlighters, lots of room to make notes, and it's easy to carry.


  1. Very cool. I never would have thought of that.

    1. It's always fun to find a new use for another Filofax! Right? LOL

  2. I use my A5 Domino for the same purpose, but I like your zipped version to keep everything secure. I have what I think is the Violet (bought second hand so not exactly sure) which happened to match my purple Bible. I secure the Bible in the back of the Domino using the elastic closure but of course I only do this when going to church; other times I take the Bible out so the band doesn't stretch out of shape. So far, it's working pretty good. I found some inspirational cards (the size of a credit or business card) at my local Christian bookstore which I keep in the plastic card holder. I basically keep colored lined paper for note taking but thanks to your enabling (!) I now have one of the journals from Amazon on my way (I chose one of her other versions that seemed to have alot of purple flowers). I also found beautiful 'rhinestone' cross (about 3-3.25 inches) at my scrap booking store. It is self adhesive so I stuck it on the front of my Domino. Bling! Looks so pretty on the purple Domino cover. I have wanted to try the slimline ESV Bible for quite some time (keep hearing alot of good things about the ESV version) but am afraid the font is too small for my aging eyes. My carry around Bible isn't too bad though; the font is big enough, yet the Bible is barely an inch in thickness. Anyway, I like your set up; I wish Filofax had more options in zip around binders. :)

    1. thanks for your comment Cheryl - I had to laugh about the "enabler" comment. It's funny, I was watching a Filofax video and discovered that paper that way too. I totally understand! We enable each other, don't we? LOL

  3. I also use an ultra violet domino to hold my Bible but I slip it in the front...I do wish I had more pockets for Bible study handouts, tracts etc

  4. Hello!
    My name is Filipa, I'm portuguese and I'm an "organizer crazy" too!
    I found your blog today and I'm officially "in love" :)
    I'm looking for a "Filo" exactly like this one and I can't find it in Portugal (do you believe???) Can you tell where can I buy exactly this one, please?
    Thank you!!! :)