Saturday, February 2, 2013

My Food Journal - Personal Vintage Pink Malden

 I got the Day Per Page for this Filo so that I could have alot of room to journal my food intake everyday.  It's still in the development phase.   I am trying to get more and more detail in as I go.

I am not happy about Saturday and Sunday being together on the same page though.  I have been making it work though, if I write really small and in two columns. 

I'm devoting the whole month of February to eating "Raw".  These are some tips that I want to keep handy.
 Some more food notes from a website by Dr. Fuhrman.

 Collecting inspiring quotes and information flyers in the front of my Filo.
I carry this Filo around with me so that I can be sure to keep it up to date.  Things that I want to record everyday are:

  What time I wake up naturally (I don't need to use an alarm clock).
  How I'm feeling (emotionally & physically) when I wake.
  If I'm hungry.
  If I'm taking my vitamins.
  What time I eat and how I feel.
  What I eat.
  Any changes in my health
  Any notes I wish to remember in the future (like, "Drink more water!".), etc...

I also like to change the color of ink every time I make an entry in my day so that I could see at a glance each separate entry.


  1. I'm playing around with the 2ppd and I hate that Saturday and Sunday are only one page. I usually stick a blank piece of paper between them so I can have 2 pages. It works well.

    Good luck with your raw food diet! It sounds hard.

    1. Thanks, that's a good idea, duh, why didn't I think of that, lol!

      Well, mostly raw, there's a whole raw food world out there that is really amazing. I'll never be "fully" raw, but I'll add alot to my diet.