Thursday, March 28, 2013

UPDATE: My Food Journal Filo - Vintage Rose Malden

The FF I'm using for my daily food journal is working out really well.  The personal size is easy to throw in my bag when I'm on the run.   I love the color, the feel and the smell of this leather organizer too. 
I like changing ink color between entries.  Makes it easier to decipher my day.
I love this color.  It's not pink and it's not purple, it's "Pinkle"!  LOL
In my "notes" section I record different things, like these food documentaries that I've watched.
Recipes section is good for jotting down memorable recipes that I get.
In the front of the binder I have some inspirational quotes, business cards and some informational brochures that I've picked up here and there.


  1. I love this idea of keeping all food-related info together. I am learning a lot about nutrition and healthy eating, too... thanks for the post!

  2. Your very welcome. I find myself tweaking this all the time. And re-committing to healthy eating regularly. It helps to keep my honest.